Linda Millard Missing 1996

There is something not quite right about this case. Incorrect details being repeated by major news sites, as well as the withholding of information. I will do my best to cover this as accurately as possible, but due to the somewhat incoherent source material, that might not be so easy. Linda Millard, 48, lived in […]

Renata Antczak Missing 2017

This is a very strange case with very suspicious circumstances. Mum of two, Renata Antczak, 49, was last seen on Thursday the 25th of April 2017, captured on CCTV footage when dropping her 11 year old daughter off at Broadacre Primary School in Kingswood, Hull. She was wearing a distinctive yellow coat, dark trousers, and […]

Jan & Ulrika Björkman Missing 2019

Storm Alfrida struck Sweden in January 2019, causing damage to forests, disrupted transport and many power outages that left thousands of homes without electricity. It was during the storm that Mr and Mrs Björkman disappeared. Jan, 83, and Ulrika, 79, were staying at their holiday home in Urö, outside Norrtälje, which is just north of […]

Tapiwa Matuwi Missing 2019

Tapiwa Matuwi is a 22 year old Zimbabwean IT graduate and musician who went missing on Thursday 7th February 2019 in Swansea, UK. His disappearance has been widely publicised in South Wales, but still there have been no developments in finding him. The timeline of his last movements was captured on CCTV on several buildings […]

Maj-Lis Berg Missing 2013

Maj-Lis Berg, 79, went missing in the Spring of 2013. She was last seen on 26th of April when she was leaving her home in Hulta, Borås, a Swedish suburb that is approximately 25 minutes by foot from Borås Centrum, the town centre. She was seen by neighbours on three occasions on the day of […]